Personal Consultation

$299.00 $99.00

The personal consultation allows you a minimum of one hour to consult face to face with Dr. Venaas about any topics surrounding health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

It is estimated that over 70% of the disease burden today is coming from lifestyle related disease. Our modern lifestyles are constantly introducing tempting barriers to fitness. And we have never been as disconnected at a societal level from the food we eat as we are today.

In this consultation, Dr. Venaas offers to discuss topics with you from specific medical conditions, to questions about blood work or diet, to bodybuilding or general fitness advice. With a passion for knowledge and a desire to share it, there is no restriction on what to discuss.

As with any serious health professional, any information disclosed in these consultations will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality is of paramount importance. This consultation is designed to be a safe space to help people with any questions they may have.

You will be asked to fill an online form before completing the order. You will then be contacted via email to set up a consultation-time at your convenience.