Fitness and Health Transformation

The health and fitness coaching program is for you who want to work personally with Dr. Venus over an extended period of time in order to achieve your long-term health and fitness goals.

It is estimated that over 70% of the disease burden today is coming from lifestyle related disease. Our modern lifestyles are constantly introducing tempting barriers to fitness. And we have never been as disconnected at a societal level from the food we eat as we are today.

Furthermore with the abundance of self-proclaimed “experts” on the Internet, and scientifically inaccurate information being spread through television, magazines and innumerable mass media outlets, it can be very difficult to differentiate between good and bad advice.

With his experience in a wide range sports since a very young age and his expertise on the workings of the human body, Dr. Venus will work closely with you towards achieving your specific fitness goals. Obviously to achieve your fitness goals you will be required to take action, and the frequent calls with Dr. Venus will help to keep you accountable as well as motivate you.

In this program you will learn the scientifically backed strategies for achieving your health and fitness goals, while working closely with Dr. Venus who will share his expertise to give you the best chances of not only learning these strategies, but successfully applying them to your life.

As with any serious health professional, any information disclosed during this program will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality is of paramount importance. This program is designed to be a safe space to help people take charge of their bodies and minds.

Once you have filled the application form for the personal mentoring program, you will be contacted through email to set up a free call with Dr. Venus in order to discuss your current situation in more detail, and to determine if this mentoring program is right for you.

Dr. Venus believes in the freedom of knowledge and the opportunity to incorporate this ever-growing body of knowledge into our lives, enabling us to become the best version of ourselves is an invaluable resource and can be one of life’s greatest sources of individual happiness.